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Álvaro Siza . Carlos Castanheira

Each new project is a new challenge.
This is what makes architecture interesting and makes being an architect an unsettling profession.
Given the great complexity of its brief, The Haishang Museum will not be just one Museum.


There are many projects within the one project.
There are museums, where we will exhibit pieces from many different collectors.


Álvaro Siza


Carlos Castanheira

Office in Portugal:

CC&CB – Architects, Lda.

Project Architect:

Pedro Carvalho

Project Team:

Nuno Campos

João Alves

Susana Oliveira

Mariana Mendes

Diogo Pinho

Joel Dinis

Gil Lima

Afonso Tigre

Luisa Silva

Nuno Rodrigues

Raquel Lima

Rita Ferreira

Joana Rocha

Joana Soeiro

Filipe Mota

João Figueiredo

3D models and renderings:

Germano Vieira

Sara Noronha


Shanghai Oasis Investment Holding Group, Ltd.


Tendering Company

Shanghai International Tendering Company

Arts and Collection Consultant:

Shanghai Jiacheng Collection Art Research Center

Property Operation and Management Consultant:

Shanghai Longday Culture and Media Co., Ltd

Facility Planning and Architecture Consultant: