Delmulle Delmulle

Medical Centre . Ronse

Delmulle Delmulle . Medical Centre . Ronse afasia (1)

delmulle delmulle architecten . photos: © Johnny Umans

This ultra-compact medical centre has the simplest plan. It contains four doctor’s cabinets, a waiting room, sanitary cells and a multipurpose meeting room.


Large windows provide maximum openness and light. In order to shield this medical centre from the street, but not to compromise on the quality of light, air and visibility, a filter (double facade) is installed on the street side.

This vertical slightly slanted wooden structure, regulates (over)heating, but above all it regulates privacy and relationship.

A big door opens to the inside and forms a clear entrance when the building is open. At night the building can be completely closed, not only hermetically, but also visually.

Ii is a building that has a relationship of giving and taking with the public domain.

Medical Centre

Ronse | 2019 | 200 m²

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