Westner Schührer Zöhrer

Glasdach Staatliche Bibliothek . Passau

Westner Schührer Zöhrer . Glasdach Staatliche Bibliothek . Passau afasia (2)

Westner Schührer Zöhrer . Photos: © Sebastian Schels

The space is the center of the State Library Passau. In the building, which was built in
1639 as a Jesuit alumnus, the former courtyard was re-roofed as part of a refurbishment.
The new glass roof takes up the geometry of Passau’s roof landscape and plays with the
rhythm of the arches in the courtyard.


The light structure of the roof continues the urban qualities of the old town to the inside
of the library. The reading room thus receives its special atmosphere: open and quiet
at the same time.

Project: Glasdach Staatliche Bibliothek

City: Passau, Germany
Date: 2018
Client: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Bildung und Kultus,
Wissenschaft und Kunst, vertreten durch das Staatliche Bauamt Passau
Photo: Sebastian Schels

in Cooperation with haushofer | ingenieure, Markt Schwaben
Building planning and object monitoring by Thomas Schmid, Passau

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