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An extremely narrow, long site amidst the farmhouses of an old bavarian village: a challenge to organize a barrier-free, compact, and energy efficient house, that blends well into its rural neighbourhood.

Despite the site‘s small size and difficult proportions, a peaceful house stretching far into the garden was created.

The length of the house was used to develop a variety of outdoor living spaces. The old farm courtyard leads to a covered entrance porch, and the old orchard is the focus of the private terrace on the south side. A breakfast area lies in a protected southeastern corner, and a long green ribbon bordering on the neighbouring chicken land.

The big gabled roof shelters quite different living spaces: private rooms opening to the afternoon light through large windows, while the living room spreads out to all three sunny sides. The serving functions are arranged beneath the low roof.

The height of the building contributes to the spaciousness of the living, dining, and cooking area with a guestroom and a gallery at its highest point.