OFFICE . MAISON MEDIA HUIS . Brussels afasia (1)

OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

This building, situated at the very entrance of the new Mediapark in Brussels, is to house various entities related to media and broadcasting. Instead of one large building which accommodates all of these entities, Maison Media Huis proposes to stack three buildings, each of which are planned pragmatically in relation to the program it holds, on top of each other. While a large box supports broadcast production on the bottom, the scale of the building decreases on the top, providing media offices and rentable work spaces respectively. From afar, this pyramid formation of the assembly of these buildings makes a specific figure that becomes immediately recognizable, while the roof-top of each building becomes a new ground-floor for the next, providing greenery, panoramic view, a pleasant workspace for production along with a clear address point for each building. Its slender volume allows maximum energy in light into the interior environment, and techniques are fed through the logic of columns provided on the perimeter of the buildings. And as such, the ensemble leaves its space to maximum flexibility in a plug&play modus, leaving the necessary space to react to the ever-changing future of media in contemporary times.


2017 / Brussels, BE
Competition, not retained

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