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Striking slopes lift off the Hirtenweg property from the Hörnliallee. They make the small plateau a protected and yet open island. Today, there are various “living biotopes” on this island. The charming small scale of the buildings in the north with their different intensity used gardens, the strict residential buildings from the late 70s with the central meadow and finally the idyllic community garden in the south of the area are each their own worlds, which are interwoven by groups of trees and magnificent single trees and so on be connected to each other.

Urban design 
With the proposed development, existing qualities – homely scale, green environment, neighborly uses – are transformed and developed into a new, denser structure. The setting of the three buildings results from the overlapping of distance areas, the preservation of striking groups of trees, optimal orientation of the dwellings, rational type of accessibility, the use of existing basements and the proposed classification. The currently prevalent lawns are replaced by a more articulated and varied landscape that offers a variety of opportunities for appropriation.

Living Meadows and Old Trees 
There are meager, valuable meadows on the slopes and an old trees that characterize the place. This simple yet lively world will be carried into the future of development as a basic spatial disposition and a connecting external theme.
Structural elements and floor coverings are arranged in the meadow world. At the main entrances to the settlement, along the Hirtenweg and the Hörnliallee, flat, slightly sunken paths lead under trees to the plateau. The hollow paths and the main access are driveable laid out as colorless, coarse-grained honey asphalt, they go without gravel border in gravel over which of the fouling irregularly. Byways and squares are gravel areas, which also merge seamlessly into green spaces. Small gravel pits following the loggias – from there a step to reach – can be used by the residents of the ground floor.

Community and Retreat 
Dense living requires a careful coordination of living community and private retreat in a limited space. The new buildings respond to this claim with the clear allocation of public and private space, lively development areas and retreat opportunities in the indoor and outdoor space.

The apartments can be interpreted in different ways and can be adapted to different forms of living and long-term changes in needs; depending on the occupant density, private rooms can be connected more or less directly to the living areas. Although cut very economically, the apartments offer a generous living situation through visual relationships and flexible use of space. Loggias, accessible from different rooms, complete the offer of individually usable outdoor space.