Concrete and the Woods


© Matthieu Gafsou

Concrete and the Woods

MOKA is a renovation project of a little chalet in western Switzerland. The site is situated at the periphery of touristic village of 3k inhabitants, closer to a forest and to the shores of a lake. While in summer the beaches become crowdy and the sun shines strong on this tiny place, in winter the atmosphere gets darker. The fog, the cold, the humidity make life uncomfortable. The façades of the houses are wet and exposed to rapid consumption. When the client came to us, he just wanted a solution that allowed him to spend warmer winters at home. So the project is the result of a work on the all the skin of the building: structure, insulation, cladding and a new roof. While designing to achieve the technical result itself, a reflection on the expression of this house was done. We tried to improve it by a work of comprehension (indetifying fundamental parts), simplification (reducing the number of surfaces and the use of materials) and proposition (by sophisticating the choice of materials and reinterpreting decoration). The original building had a wooden pergola on it’s south sunny side. Covered by a grapevine, it offered a protected space where the owner could spend summer moments with friends, a nice place for relax and dine in good company. With the new project we had to think of a new pergola, able to offer a similar atmosphere. Made of a steel frame, the new structure works as a light skeleton for the plants climbing on it while offering shade and atmosphere to the spaces below.


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