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Planet Lem . Kraków

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JEMS Architects

The project is inspired by the work of Stanisław Lem, a Polish science-fiction writer, whose work was focused not only on technology and its impact on humans, but also on deep understanding of modern philosophy. It is built upon a strict, mathematical grid of columns. They are copying the structure of existing historical building called “Skład Solny”, that will be renovated and included in the program as a part of the cultural centre.

This concept allowed us to blur the strict boundaries of both spaces and create a sense of never-ending field of architectural elements, that bring to mind the works of futuristic visionaires from the 1960’. This rigid, continuous character of space is juxtaposed with curvy lines of the floor on the underground level and terrain, which will determine a strange feeling experience of being literally on another planet. It will also create many opportunities of alternative ways of using this strongly specific space. New building will be located in a rapidly developing part of Kraków, which is still very chaotic in its urban layout. That surroundings inspired the form of the object, which has no main façade, but works more like a system, that can grow or be modified. Only the towers that are connecting all the levels of the exhibition will become a recognizable sign of a new function. We think of them as lanterns suggestion the important role of “Planet Lem” in the city of Kraków.

Architektura: JEMS Architekci; Aleksander Gadomski, Katarzyna Kuźmińska, Łukasz Krzesiak Paweł Majkusiak, Maciej Miłobędzki, Maciej Rydz, Łukasz Stępnik;
Architektura krajobrazu: Marta Tomasiak
Instalacje wewnętrzne: Termostudio; Piotr Kliński, Filip Pawlak
Konstrukcja: KiP; Piotr Pachowski