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Buchner Bründler Architekten

The municipal area of Arlesheim is located on the slope of the Gempen. Solitary structures made it possible to create an extensive open green space, presenting itself as a heterogeneous landscape garden. The site making up the Ita Wegman Clinic in this dispersed settlement is also characterised by free-standing buildings dating back to the foundation of the clinic. The large solitary structure of the new building is intended to complement the urban programme of the series of individual buildings.


A volume with a basic organic shape at the centre of the site is placed on the slope in line with the main direction of the course of the topography. The shape is created by three cylinders in a row that merge with each other. A polygonal courtyard is cut out of each of these. The rounded, organic shape clearly differentiates the building from the neighbouring structures, emphasising its solitary nature. At the same time, the flowing contour fosters communication with the natural, softly shaped landscape. The park surrounding the building is also designed as a web of vegetative fields and paths. Architecture and landscape unite to form a holistic space.

A scale to which humans can relate and variable perspectives played a major role in the design. The three rotundas allow the structure to be perceived as a group of individual components rather than a building complex, while the flowing contour makes it appear as a coherent form. The round shape creates an orientation to all sides and progressively extends the interior spaces to the outside. A fan-like arrangement enhances the spatial relation to the park, which is reinforced by room-high windows. This allows persons inside the building to feel connected to nature. The simple basic shape leads to a clearly legible horizontal and vertical organisation of floor plans and sections.
Individual building parts are allocated to various uses through the tripartite circular shape and the visible three-storey design. The different inner courtyards also serve as points of reference. The atmosphere of the clinic is characterised by the crafted materials wood and concrete.

Klinik Arlesheim, Arlesheim, Switzerland

Location Arlesheim, Switzerland
Client Klinik Arlesheim
Competition 2018
Architecture Buchner Bründler Architekten
Partner Daniel Buchner, Andreas Bründler
Project management Aude Soffer
Staff Miriam Stierle, Kevin de Roeck, Florian Marenbach, Tobias Kappelhof
Visualisations Buchner Bründler Architekten
Landscape architect Studio Karst GmbH
Hospital planer PEG mbH
Artist Till Velten

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