Carlos Garaicoa

Garden . 1998

Carlos Garaicoa . Garden . 1998 afasia (1)

+ Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea

Garden (From the Series A city view from the table of my house) depicts a domestic scale for a landscape, a beautiful garden you could seize in your hands, with a lovely –and lonely- bonsai tree. On the opposite corner of the table, a video showing a dead tree inside a building in ruins. Curator Helen Pheby once wrote about this work: “The deliberately confusing use of scale in this work makes us at once a god, omnipotent over the miniature world within the gallery, yet against the context of the landscape beyond, small and irrelevant. The outdoors is indoors and reality becomes subverted. It is simultaneously a toy, a childlike model of a world but with profound questions about free-will, control, destiny and responsibility. Symbolically, the perception of reality depends on where you are standing.” (Garaicoa, Carlos (catalogue), Cities/Gardens/Memory, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Bothy Gallery, 2005)
Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea


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