Julie-Victoire Daubié Residence for Researchers . Paris

©  Maxime Delvaux


Located on the southern edge of the majestic Cité Universitaire park, the ‘Maison Julie-Victoire Daubié’ is a residence for young researchers. It has the privilege of enriching one of the capital’s most beautiful collections of modern architecture. Built in a park with no apparent boundaries is not exempt of powerful constraints. The presence of the ring road on the edge of the plot makes several protective devices necessary including mezzanine basement access levels which still allow views and light to penetrate and high-performance soundproofed walls. In addition, the small size of the plot (just 1,000 m2 for a brief that totals 4,629 m2) requires real volumetric compactness. Thank to the way it deals with these data, the building avoids being subjected to the context. It even gives the impression that it opens up to the outside world instead of protecting itself.


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