Miguel Marcelino

House in Troia . Outão

Miguel Marcelino. House in Troia . Outão afasia (1)

Miguel Marcelino . photos: © Archive Miguel Marcelino . + archdaily

Located in Troia, beautiful landscape of fine sand dunes and crystal clear waters, within a housing cluster of some density, this house is conceived as a city with the size of a house.

Volumes, patios and walls more or less enigmatic where, from the outside, there are not directly visible glazed windows, only openings to other outer spaces. Inside there are not two equal rooms, differing in scale, lighting and relationship with the surrounding. The sleeping rooms operate on a private dimension and totally apart from social areas – which are organized around a large courtyard, the heart of the home, like a square that aggregates and gives meaning to the other streets of this city.

The vegetation completes the constructed volumes, which function as a background for the shrubs and trees that inhabit each of the patios and gardens.