Pepe Espaliú

In These Twenty-Five Years

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Although Espaliú initiated his art career in Barcelona in the early seventies, during the rise of conceptual art in Catalonia, it wasn’t until the beginning of the eighties that his work became a complex territory of concealment and desire, where issues such as the body, identity, the double, illness, power, and death were progressively weaved together. Contact with members of the magazine Figura, and his joining a group of artists who were renewing the Andalusian art scene, were key. These artists took part in the budding postmodernity of a scene that emerged around the gallery La Máquina Española, in Seville. Espaliú was to become the “tightrope walker on the black line, one who knows how inhuman his task is and yet walks from one end to the other, from indifference to laughter, defying the void that makes us up as spectators”.
Pepe Espaliú


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