Tim Van Laere Gallery . Antwerp

OFFICE . Tim Van Laere Gallery  . Antwerp afasia (1)

OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen

The new Tim Van Laere Gallery in Antwerp (BE) will occupy a central position on the New South district, a project by developer Triple Living. As a concatenation of rooms, the building ‘shows’ its structure in its silhouette. A storage space, offices, a white cube, a chapel and a patio follow each other, as pure types of buildings where art can be experienced in different ways. The rooms are constructed as simple in-situ concrete boxes, isolated on the inside and lit by roof light. As an explicitly urban building, it is ambiguous and direct, with its gates directly on the street. The building makes a statement for both its immediate surroundings and inside; art is a central focal point and is immediately visible and accessible to everyone.


2017 – … / Antwerp, BE

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