OFFICE . LES HALLES GÉNÉREUSES . Bordeaux afasia (1)

OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen . atmoslab

Les Halles Généreuses is the winning proposal for a durable and large-scale industrial complex in Blanquefort near Bordeaux (FR), organised by FAB (La Fabrique de Bordeaux Métropole). The 20 000 m² project, features a set of multipurpose and flexible production halls, joined in an elongated elliptical floor plan, and crossed by green transversal axes. The building will be the first stage of a sustainable industrial site ‘Ecoparc’. The building measures the scale of an industrial complex in relation to its surrounding landscape. The proportions of the building become territorial. The volume is composed of a series of warehouses separated by shared functional zones, making for a compact but porous building. The rounded perimeter facilitates access and by simple subdivisions creates a clear and easy use. The inner streets serve as common areas where various activities can be organised: parking areas, daily deliveries, a clear business address, etc. A light pergola structure transforms this industrial zone into a qualitative indoor space that also regulates the neighbouring office spaces by climatically regulated roofs and cross ventilation.


2018 – … / Bordeaux, FR
Competition, 1st prize.

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