Jaume Plensa

Invisible . 2018

Jaume Plensa . Invisible . 2018 (1)

photos: Fotografía: Joaquín Cortés / Román Lores © Museo Reina Sofía . + Museo Reina Sofía

Throughout his career as a sculptor, Jaume Plensa (Barcelona, 1955), who has recived the the prestigious Velázquez Award for the Arts in 2013, has drawn on spirituality, the body and collective memory as the primary sources which tie together his visual artwork. Literature, psychology, biology, language and history become strategic tools in the creation of his work, and, through a broad spectrum of materials — steel, cast iron, resin, glass, water, sound — Plensa lends weight and physical volume to the components of the human condition and the ephemeral. In this instance, the invisible forms the essence of his intervention in the Palacio de Cristal: a group of steel mesh sculptures which take the space to draw the incomplete faces of figures hanging in the air, intersected by light and suspended in time.
Museo Reina Sofía


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