Álvaro Siza

The ‘Eduardo Souto Moura’ coin

Álvaro Siza . The ‘Eduardo Souto Moura’ coin afasia (1)

Álvaro Siza

Souto de Moura is worth now 7.5 €. Many times 7.5 €, in fact.


Álvaro Siza has designed a coin in honour of Eduardo Souto de Moura. Banco de Portugal has put a silver-alloy collector coin into circulation with face value of €7.50, entitled ‘Eduardo Souto Moura’. The coin will be distributed to the public through credit institutions and Banco de Portugal’s cash offices.

The ‘Eduardo Souto Moura’ coin is only legal tender in Portugal and has the following features:

On the obverse:
In the middle, the stylised representation of a treetop;
On the left, the Portuguese coat of arms;
Around the upper edge, the words ‘República Portuguesa’ and ‘2018’ and the face value;
Around the lower edge, the abbreviation ‘INCM’ and the name of the author.

On the reverse:
In the middle, a classical column representing human construction;
Around the upper edge, the words ‘Eduardo Souto de Moura’.

Last year a coin designed by Souto de Moura was released in honour of Siza.

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