Tannenrauchstrasse Replacement Housing Development . Zurich

EM2N . Tannenrauchstrasse Replacement Housing Development . Zurich (1)


In contrast to Engemer Hügel with its typical housing estate developments made up of small-scale buildings the development structure on the lens-shaped valley floor is highly heterogeneous. The new replacement development consists of five differently dimensioned apartment buildings and three differentiated open spaces, which form a harmonious ensemble that is carefully integrated in this neighbourhood. The continuous greenery that shapes the character of Zürich-Wollishofen is taken up in the new development and made even denser. A wild housing estate garden, with bushes and grasses that provide ground cover, flowering shrubs and different kinds of trees, binds the development together without reducing anything of the buildings’ individuality. Like the apartment buildings each of the open spaces, which can be used in a variety of ways, has its own character. Analogous to this range of functions in outdoor space, the five different buildings offer a wide range of spatially differentiated apartment typologies. The transparent and filigree impression made by the architecture helps to create an airy, friendly atmosphere. Together with the intensive planting a residential feeling is established here that is optimistic and modern.


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