de vylder vinck taillieu

Drawing 1 . 2018

Drawing 1 . 2018

+ Betts Project

And so much more. A cabinet of lost objects. objects that furnish a room. and hide absent ideas but cover what we all know. Empty detais of abstract rooms.

And never without. All those drawings. All kind of drawings. Just all together. Seemingly having nothing to do with each other but finally do. just ensemble.

Drawing is an action. Drawing is a relieve. Drawing is a moment. That last for ever. Even longer then its reality. Even without any ever reality.

—aDVVT, 2018

All objects shown in the gallery ground space are related to everyday objects, from chimneys to columns – constructive yet also hiding technics. All objects are changing constantly the cubical form of the room. They are objects in space. Every day objects.

Betts Project