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Nobel Center . Stockholm

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David Chipperfield Architects

Following a change of municipal government, Stockholm City council vetoes Chipperfield’s Nobel Center.


Stockholm’s Alliance-Green coalition does not back Chipperfield’s waterfront structure. Sweden’s Land and Environment Court ruled against construction work and now the appeal by City of Stockholm could be abandoned.

A report by The Local and the official statement by he Nobel Foundation can be read below:

David Chipperfield Architects presented the schematic design for the new Nobel Center in public in Stockholm. While maintaining the initial concept, the design has been further developed.

The auditorium has been developed into a forum-like space, introducing seating rows which face each other. The structure of the auditorium now defines and connects the spaces of the floors below and above.

The main restaurant and bar have been moved to the top floor, establishing a unique venue that strengthens the public character of the Nobel Center. The building’s shape has been further refined, subtly accentuating the tripartite division of base, middle and top. The façade of thin vertical bronze fins placed in varied densities envelopes the building. A less dense rhythm on the upper floors allows visitors to enjoy expansive views over the city.

The new building will give the Nobel Prize a home for the first time in its history. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2017.

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