Siza . Castanheira

Mausoleum Chin Pao Mountain Cemetery . New Taipei

Siza . Castanheira . Mausoleum Chin Pao Mountain Cemetery . New Taipei (1)

Álvaro Siza . Carlos Castanheira

We climb a gentle path to get there.
We are absorbed by silence as we contemplate this endless and ethereal space.
Again, here function determines the space. Open and endless.
At the centre, the family gathers around the memory of their loved ones.

The space is formed by a ceiling that hangs from columns on which a low dome sits, asserting hierarchy and tradition.
Timeless, in the contemporary reading of a place of respect, memory and gratitude.
The massiveness of the exposed concrete and the stone create space and function and open these to the landscape and to infinity.
Silence tells stories and evokes Life as it advances through the finiteness of time and space.
Everything else is intimacy.

Carlos Castanheira


name: chin pao san cemetery
location: jin san district, new taipei city, taiwan
client: mr por-shih lin, CEO of taiwan glass industrial corp.
project: 2015 – 2016
construction: 2016 – 2017
architects: álvaro siza with carlos castanheira
portugal office: CC&CB, arquitectos
collaborators: francesca tiri, luís trigueiros reis, joão figueiredo, erica musci, pedro afonso.
local architectural team: WZWX architecture group (stephen wang, chiou-huei lin, wen-wei cheng, jianfei cheng)
structure engineering: quanovation construction consultant co., ltd. (bruce k.c lee)
contractor: ju-gang construction co. ltd
contractor representative: ching-zong hsiao
construction management: ding-yu fang + WZWX architecture group
photography: fernando guerra | FG+SG