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Bus Stop . Palafolls

MIAS Architects. Bus Stop . Palafolls (1)

MIAS Architects . photos: © Gael del Río

A series of windows are placed on the site and, as if they had been driven by the wind, they are composed to give shelter in an spontaneous way in this point of Palafolls where the countryside meets the village.


The windows are folded up and organized on a metal structure in equilibrium, conceiving a new space where to wait for the bus, to read, to rest … a place to stay and where the inhabitants can find each other in this gathering space under these windows in the skies.

Palafolls Bus Stop

MIAS Architects

Architects: Josep Miàs, Marc Subirana

Location: Palafolls, Spain

Client: Public – Palafolls City Council

Ptohography: Gael del Río