Localarchitecture . POLYVALENT HALL. LE VAUD (1)

Localarchitecture . photos: © Matthieu Gafsou

Le Vaud’s new community hall is a multipurpose public infrastructure designed to serve and bring together the entire village community. Hosting sports activities, shows and community events, it supplements existing school facilities while opening up new possibilities for the village and its surrounding communities. The hall’s entrance is sited very appropriately on the road connecting the village church and the school entrance.


A forecourt of exposed concrete marks the venue’s entrance, a connecting link bordered by the sports field, the church cemetery and the existing school yard. With this base line as its anchor, the building’s transparent structure follows the downward slope of the terrain. To the north, the ridges of the Jura Mountains can be seen; to the south the site offers idyllic views over Mont Blanc and the Alpine landscape. The two gabled façades are the main load-bearing walls, supporting giant wooden beams. This leaves the internal space entirely unobstructed: free to expand and contract following the outline of the outer walls.

This building has its own very unique history. On 4 July 2016, one month before its opening, it was entirely destroyed by fire. Following an interval of recovery and mourning, the reconstruction process provided an opportunity to revisit and further refine every last detail of the construction. This architectural disaster, and the rebirth that came after it, are the subject of a forthcoming book and a photographic project.

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