Álvaro Siza

Manuel Cargaleiro Arts Office . Seixal

Álvaro Siza . Manuel Cargaleiro Arts Office . Seixal  (1)

Álvaro Siza Vieira . photos: © João Morgado – Architecture Photography

The Manuel Cargaleiro Arts Office, an architectural project designed by Arqt. Siza Vieira, aims to promote contemporary art, in particular the work of Manuel Cargaleiro, as well as the Manuel Cargaleiro Foundation collections, through temporary exhibitions , the development of educational activities within the framework of its programming and the promotion of partnerships with similar organizations.


Located in Quinta da Fidalga, the Manuel Cargaleiro Arts Office is an architectural project by Álvaro Siza Vieira, characterized by a harmonious articulation between the different architectural elements and the surrounding spaces.

Developing into a single plant, the broken volume of the building aims to create a sequence of interior and exterior spaces that characterize the Arts Office. The lobby gives access to the reception desk and the exhibition hall. The articulation of the exhibition spaces in “S” allows the eventual subdivision by collapsible panels.

The natural and controllable lighting of these spaces is guaranteed by glazing over the garden. The artificial lighting is made by crown molding or ceilings, in order to allow the ideal conditions for each type of use.

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