EM2N . weberbrunner

Lokstadt . Winterthur

Filippo Bolognese © EM2N

EM2N . weberbrunner Architekten

EM2N wins in Winterthur.

Since 1990 a new urban quarter has been developing in Winterthur through the transformation of the former industrial Sulzer site. In the section known as the ‘Lokstadt’ EM2N won the study commission for Baufeld 1 (Plot 1) where they will implement a conglomerate consisting of four individual buildings. The new buildings ‘Bigboy’, a high-rise that forms one end of the central urban square, and the neighbouring ‘Tender’ tower and low-rise building will contain rented apartments, while the historical ‘Draisine’ industrial hall will house new, innovative work worlds. The two-storey ground floor area of the building complex is conceived structurally as a continuous open zone, which strengthens its significance in urban design terms.

weberbrunner Architekten won the study commission for Baufeld 1 (Plot 2), building ‘Elefant’.