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La Falda . Alicante

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We recently completed an exciting self-build project in Spain as part of the renovation to a primary school building. Working with a very tight budget, we devised a system of cladding tiles using cheap recycled bitumen panels. The undulating forms and delicate mural pattern was designed to reference the terracotta tiles synonymous in the region and the colour palette of southern Spain. The concept was to devise a low tech solution that could be easily constructed by the studio and a group of students.

The technology and material investigations that led to the final solution were a result of the resources available, as well as long-term testing of the product and explorations into the different tonal qualities. A choice of different shades of red makes for a strong image against the clear blue skies, while the strong shadows and changing light transforms the building throughout the day. The aim of the new façade was to give life to a tired building, one that would be more appealing and friendly to the school children that use it.

La Falda – the spanish word for Dress – was the name given to the project after one of the teachers likened it to the traditional dresses worn by Valencian women.

Location: Alicante, Spain
Programme: Education | Self-build
Client: Private
Status: Completed