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NO, IT IS NOT… . Venice

Souto de Moura .  NO, IT IS NOT… . Venice  (1)

Eduardo Souto de Moura . photos: © Alessandra Chemollo . + archilovers


…no, it is not a chapel, not a sanctuary and in any case not a tomb. It is simply a place enclosed by four stone walls, while another stone at the center might be the altar. The entrance is screened by a tree we want to conserve. The walls, inside, have a ledge on which we can sit and wait… waiting with our feet on the ground, head in hands. “Things themselves know when they ought to happen.”
(David Mourão-Ferreira)

Vatican Chapel
Pavilion of the Holy See 2018

Eduardo Souto de Moura

Laboratorio Morseletto
Deborah Morseletto (in charge of the project)

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