Geers Severen

A conversation with Moisés Puente and ARQUITECTURA-G about Solo House

Published in Apartamento Magazine #20 . video: © bjarke ingels

Yes. Architecture is a strange profession, at least that’s how we approach it. You never know anything in architecture. And the moment you do know, you’d better stop doing it. I think our work is developed through approximations or general attempts to get somewhere. 

A key project for us was one that we did early on for the photographer Dirk Braeckman. It was a house made from a set of rooms. We might not have meant to say, ‘A house for us is a set of rooms’, but that’s the concept that emerged. The ‘room’ was there before, but the set, the sequence of rooms was new for us, and then it appeared in many other projects. In our world, a house has become a number of rooms of equal size, and it’s become a defiance of functionalism, inasmuch as we don’t believe that a kitchen has different proportions to the bathroom, which has different proportions to the bedroom, which has different proportions to the living room. That became a train of thought, which we connected to a kind of old city mansion and to a sense of extreme flexibility through extreme rigour. If you ask us what a house is—well, that’s what a house became for us. Maybe it isn’t a house for everybody, but that’s our house. Perhaps the whole idea of a house is already somehow undermined by that fact.

full interview at https://arquitecturag.wordpress.com/2018/06/21/escritos-g-a-device-for-contemplation/

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