Caroline Mesquita

Spaceship worm . 2017

Spaceship worm . 2017

+ T293

The desire to create something that could not be reconnected to any familiar model and which was not understandable from one single point of view required an intense preparatory work and numerous subsequent interventions. Caroline Mesquita uses metal for its intrinsic properties of brightness, malleability and reaction that allow an immediate response from the material. While in her recent projects the artist has mainly experimented brass and copper for their chromatic reactions to oxidation processes through chemicals, for this exhibition Mesquita chose to use the steel, most brilliant and resistant. In order to obtain light, sometimes soft volumes, the metals undergone complex manipulations through cuts, folds and welds. She often had to change the positions of the sculptures and even overturn them in order to get the right direction. During this production, the artist acted more like an intermediary than an author, giving life to forms that needed to come to light.


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