Atsuko Mochida


Atsuko Mochida . THE REVOLVING HOUSE OF T.  Mito  (1)

Atsuko Mochida . photos: © Ryuichi Taniura . Video: © Kousuke Shige (ogopogo film)

THE REVOLVING HOUSE OF T. comes from artist’s long-time interest in experimenting with public and private spaces and redefining through collaborative effort the very notion of architecture. Main subject theme for THE REVOLVING HOUSE OF T. focuses on issues of descendance, modification and identity in reference to open/gated living habitats.



This particular site-specific project is located in the area of Mito city, where Atsuko Mochida has been researching for over a year into the history of an old wooden family house, that has been abandoned for about a decade.

By applying characteristic for Atsuko’s art practice creative approach to early constructivist ideas for highly personal – in this case – context, the building has undergone another significant, yet at first sight barely noticeable, alternation. A precise, 5 meters diameter-wide circular section of the interior space has been carefully transformed into an artificial structure rotating horizontally around its own axis. As intentionally there has been not a single electrical component used, in order to get he the installation requires to be manually set in motion by public, who thus become an integral, performative element of the piece.

While developing this project Atsuko Mochida has collaborated with local carpenters and printing establishments.

Atsuko Mochida, THE REVOLVING HOUSE OF T. (2017)

Construction: Builder Inc.

Video: Kousuke Shige (ogopogo film)

Photo: Ryuichi Taniura

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