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Vara de Rey Promenade is a key space of relationship between the Harbour, the Marina, the Center and Dalt Vila, loved and used by residents and tourists. The quality of the spaces is due to many factors among which are the trees, architecture, stores and bars. The proposal increases the role of trees in the streets and enhances pedestrian accessibility in Dalt Vila.

The road shot: The urban road plan includes this area in a 10 zone enclosed by the Bartomeu Rosselló Avenue and Ignasi Wallis Avenue. The proposal understand the entire area as traffic restricted. A road shot is proposed to Dalt Vila, perpendicular to the Walls, with the rise in Ramón y Cajal Street and lowered by Vincent Cuervo and Comte Rosselló. We understand that has to be compatible the quality of urban space with the passage of resident vehicles.

Parking: We propose an underground car parking of 264 places below Vara de Rey with the access in the intersection of Spain Avenue and Ignasi Wallis Avenue.

Pedestrian: We propose two pedestrian entrances to Dalt Vila from the Promenade. The first one, is a reform of the access to the Sant Joan Bastion to ensure the safety and comfort of pedestrians, now fragile because of the importance of the access road. The second one, is the proposal for an elevator at the bottom of Sant Pere Bastion.

A series of linking squares between Sota Vila and Dalt Vila: The proposal aims to extend the effect of Plaça des Parc understood as a part of a concatenated series of five squares: the Marina Square, the Vara de Rey Square, the Parc Square, the Sant Pere Bastion Squareand the Sol Square, in Dalt Vila, connected by elevators.

The trees in public space: The promenade echoes its transition condition between the Soto green zone and La Marina. In this regard, we propose to strengthen the presence of trees on the sunny side of the Vara de Rey Promenade and Joan Xico Street. We propose to maintain existing large trees on the sunny side and transplanting part of the dark side. We hold that the bottom of the walls must be free of vegetation to maintain the sharpness of perception of the curtains and bastions.

 El Paseo de Vara de Rey es un espacio clave en la relación entre el puerto, la Marina, el Centro y Dalt Vila, muy querido y utilizado por los ibicencos y turistas. La cualidad de los espacios se debe a muchos factores entre los que se encuentran el arbolado, la arquitectura, el comercio y la restauración. La propuesta que hacemos refuerza el papel del arbolado en las plazas y potencia, de forma compatible con el coche, la accesibilidad peatonal en Dalt Vila.