Marina Rheingantz

Pisador . 2017-2018

Pisador . 2017-2018


The monumental scale of Rheingantz’s paintings belie their intimacy. Her detailed brushstrokes and careful scraping render structures that appear as small as maquettes on a carpeted floor or as large as a building site in a barren expanse. Pisador, the painting whose title names the small rectangle of fabric upon which one steps before sleep, blends textile with terrain. Palm trees and tall grass blur into the milky froth of a dreamscape. And Varzea, in which the ruins and remnants of human activity dissolve into a flood-soaked field, again, transforms into a carpet, whose fabric then weaves and sprouts into a pitch. The multiple perspectives and planes in the painting allude to the double meaning of “varzea” in Portuguese, both forested seasonal floodplain and tricky situation. Jorro, Portuguese for a spurt or stream, depicts a muddied fountain that vacillates between water feature and tree with the haze and fog of a lush forested landscape sublimated in paint.


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