Liew . Nishizawa . DBJ

Contemporary Museum . Adelaide

Liew . Nishizawa . DBJ . Contemporary Museum . Adelaide  (1)

Khai Liew . Office of Ryue Nishizawa . Durbach Block Jaggers . images: © Khai Liew, Office of Ryue Nishizawa and Durbach Block Jaggers / Malcolm Reading Consultants

Unveiled six shortlisted proposals to compete for the chance to design the Adelaide Contemporary Museum.



We propose a museum like a park with open areas where people can stay freely and gradually shift from art, nature, and public spaces while wandering through the architecture. We imagine architecture that sits gently on the ground to allow for everyone to criss-cross the site freely and to experience gradually integrating urban and natural atmospheres.

Like a park where different activities happen simultaneously, this place gathers a museum, public spaces, nature, people, terraces and sculptures as part of one realm. We envisioned a large roof to create a comfortable, shaded place to invite people underneath. While providing soft shade, the horizontal gesture of the roof creates openness on all sides so breeze and nature flow through. By creating a large roof floating above the place, we had a feeling it could become a place in Adelaide where people gather, spend time and meet art; where they use the place freely as they imagine.

with Masako Yamazaki, Mark Richardson, Arup, Irma Boom, Taylor Cullity Lethlean and URPS

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