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Collège Rousseau extension . Geneva

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Lacroix Chessex Architectes

The subject of the present competition is the complete renovation and heightening of Collège Rousseau while keeping the high school fully operational. The renovation work and roof extension will bring the building back in line with current standards and requirements, particularly in terms of energy efficiency and fire protection, while at the same time preserving the architectural heritage.

Constructed in 1969, the building is a remarkable testimony to the brutalist style. The expression of raw structure is its central theme. The rigour of the architectural system and the attention to detail have produced a rational structure of the highest quality. Everything is real and visible and nothing is hidden.

The proposed renovation project is derived from the existing building and seeks to enhance its special essence by removing all elements added over time. Similarly, the supplementary new storey aims to harmonize with the existing building, rather than forming a contrasting appendage.