Ignasi Prat

El mundo de los vencedores , 2011-2016

Francisco Franco Bahamonde . Palacio del Pardo, El Pardo (Madrid)

El mundo de los vencedores . + Cómo vivir con la memoria. Actitudes artísticas ante arquitectura y franquismo

El món dels vencedors (The World of the Victors) uses photography as the support for an archaeological activity based on the aesthetic exploration of the homes of leading figures from the Franco dictatorship. The theme that runs through the project is the frontier, and the values of the individuals concerned are projected on to the various motifs at the boundaries of their homes, such as doorways, facades and more general aspects. The photographs also present the proprieties and take us on an architectural tour that combines the personal tastes and the construction of symbols of the Franco era.
El mundo de los vencedores


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