Mlynica . Bratislava


Conversion of the former industrial building Mlynica combines open plan living, working and cultural events with the ambition of creating a unique community on a vast brownfield site in Bratislava.


Cast: Jonatan Lujan, Margaux Bortoluzzi, Tamara Bílá, Daniel Kordík
Director: Dano Dekan
DOP: Anna Smoroňová
Editor: Michal Lipa
Camera operator: Vladimír Doležal
Focus puller: Rasťo Trizma
Grading: Pavel Marko / UPP
Graphics: Ľubica Segečová
Camera rental: Biofilms rental s.r.o.
Lights: Karol Bohrn
Casting agency: Charlie Brown
Costumes: Buffet
Make up: Kaja Čemová
Production manager: Petra Vavrová
Sound, Sound post, Music: Daniel Kordík
(Music has been composed exclusively from sound samples recorded at Mlynica)

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