BÜF Architecture

Skogfinsk Museum . Svullrya

X01 entry . Skogfinsk Museum . Svullrya (1)

BÜF Architecture

The design of this new museum draws upon the vernacular architecture of Norway and its surrounding rural landscape. Our initial concept begins with the traditional ‘stabbur’ a store house composed of stone plinth, timber structure and an open internal environment. The concept is thus replicated in the composition, structural arrangement and internal environment of this new museum.


Located deliberately close to the passing road network, the architectural expression establishes an iconic presence which defines a singular building of civic quality. The sculptural sawtooth roofscape provides a distinctive sense of identity, one which is unique but also familiar. The scale of the building and road side setting establishes a physical symbol for Svullrya, a new all encompassing, destination for local, national and international people alike.

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