Tetsuya Mizukami

House renovation . Echizen

Tetsuya Mizukami . House renovation . Echizen  (1)

Tetsuya Mizukami Architects

This project consists in the partial renovation of a 54 years wooden two-story house built in the mountains in the Hokuriku region.
Four generations of families, owner, his wife, child, his mother, and his grandmother, are living in this house.
This time, he needed to renovate the most decrepit living room and kitchen (about 20% of the existing building) which is located on the north side of the house.
We also focused on two things below on the renovation project in addition to improving the indoor environment of the scope.
To integrate renovated spaces into the existing building and outside environment not to be unnatural.
To be the best durable renovation project for the family in oder to answer to the will “keep living in this house” of the young owner.


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