Jean Nouvel

Rehabilitation of the building A of the hall residence Jean Zay . Antony

Ateliers Jean Nouvel

The project of the rehabilitation of the Building A on the campus Jean Zay in Antony has won a competition in May 2011. This project is a discreet tribute to Eugene Beaudouin, not literally of course, as one might do to an archaelogical relic or to a building of our distant past, but in its spirit, hoplessly modern.


This building will be the first landmark of the redevelopment of this district. The usable floor area of the building will gain 1 870 m2 with the construction of a new wing. It allows to preserve the 300 current students bedrooms, to enlarge them from 9 m2 to 16 m2 and to add PMR bedrooms of 22 m2, 20 % of which are international bedrooms. The project allows to add 20 apartments for researchers (between 25 m2 and 47 m2) and to rehabilitate 6 tied accommodations (between 66 m2 and 90 m2).

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