Ahmet Öğüt

Pleasure Places of All Kinds, Zurich . 2017

Pleasure Places of All Kinds, Zurich . 2017

Photos: © Ladislav Zajac / KOW . + KOW

Öğüt researches selected cases of resistance to political and economic bullying, identifying similarities, delineating typologies, and translating them into patterns or condensed forms. But his focus is less on critique than on the subject’s latitude to chart a course of action that diverges from what seems bound to happen yet is within the range of the possible. And where action seems impossible right now because, if worst comes to worst, it might prove fatal, the artist, who was born in Diyarbakır in 1981 and now lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam, does not settle for a culture of remembrance or gestures of protest: involvement in the action, he wagers, still reveals options that arise from antagonism, from contention, contradiction, and jeopardy.
Alexander Koch . Translation: Gerrit Jackson


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