Jean-Pascal Flavien

Ballardian House . 2017

Jean-Pascal Flavien . Ballardian House . 2017 (1)

+ Esther Schipper

Jean-Pascal Flavien has constructed a life-sized house within the exhibition space. Set in the midst of a sandy ground with a number of rocks, the environment evokes a desert. Made of two near identical structures, posed at an angle and apparently held by a central hinge, the house, entitled ballardian four, addresses a notion of doubling, coupling, and splitting—processes that continue throughout the exhibition. The two parts constitute separate but connected elements: while one section of the house is accessible and may accommodate a living inhabitant, its double is inhabited only by a stone. The landscape thus enters the building and becomes trapped in this museum-like space: like a vitrine, the closed-off structure holds its contents in a state of being looked at. Building and landscape are contingent, organizing one another in a reciprocal exchange of qualities.
Esther Schipper


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