De Vita . Parisi

Fire Station and Music Hall . Termeno

De Vita . Parisi. Fire Station and Music Hall . Termeno (1)

Sossio De Vita . Giuseppe Parisi. renders: © Giuseppe Parisi

The project explores the essentiality of the reinforced concrete structure as a strong link between the internal and external spaces, the existing buildings and the surrounding landscape characterized by mountain profiles and important vineyard cultivations. The openings, the structural simplicity, the circulations and accesses, express the intention of a clear solution to the very complex functional program.
The building acquires the value of institution – monument through its uniqueness.
The color, a clear reference to the local wine tradition, turns out to be a chromatism suitable to bring out the volume from the context and therefore to better identify it.
Both with the green landscape of the beautiful season, and on the snowy days, the color of the grape will declare its institutional nature.

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