BeL . NL

Am Albertussee

BeL . NL .Am Albertussee (1)

BeL . NL Architects

The peculiarity of the site is characterized by two contradictory phenomena. The audible world with its unpleasant sound pollution of nearby highway and industry sources creates a paradox with what is visible: A bucolic scene of an idyllic lake.
The new residential quarter Am Albertussee creates a new mixture of city and landscape. The contrasting urban morphologies of a modernist cityscape and the compact “European city” merge to a symbiosis that combines the advantages of both concepts.
The scenic nature of the place is emphasized by the flowing spaces of modernity, while the block interior of the solitaires protects the inhabitants from the noise emissions of its surroundings. The outdoor space is an inclusive permeable public space, which serves both the residents as well as the entire population as a place for leisure.
The transition between the pastoral south and the urban north marks not only the relationship of nature and culture, but creates a functional gradient of the inaccessible biotope to the densely programmed space.


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