dog salon GRUM . Okazaki

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Keisuke Hatakenaka Architects Studio . photos: © Takumi Ota Photography

This is the extension project of dog salon for small dogs in Okazaki, Aichi.
Originally, it was new one storied house attached salon. The client’s request is building 2nd floor to open general shop.

Because it located remote place, we need to work compactly within limits of the budget. So we adopted dry construction method, just like putting furniture together, and advanced work so that process might flow to one-way, structure → interior →
equipment. This is a method established by Schema Architects, called “hanare”.

We built parking space for two cars at 1st floor with steel frame and put wooden wall in the frame. Then we set up equipment in right place carefully and laid pipes as bare.
It is very simple but we use double glazing at window and made roof double structure and filled insulators into it. We also made eaves as deeply as possible. These specification and outdoor blind make its thermal environment comfortable through the year.

When we built 2nd floor, we also propose roof balcony on existing roof. At first I thought that place is used for only dog run, but the client could grow and sell vegetables with his suggestion that plastic greenhouse is built there. The parking area has changed sales space now. There is no special device but our light expectation that it could be a trigger which can spread their potential is being achieved

I realize its good viewing once more after it’s completed, there is no tall building but forest and mountains. It is just like connection of the scenic picture abundant naturally trimmed by window frame.

title: dog salon GRUM
project director:Jo Nagasaka /Schemata Architects
enginer:Yoshinori Tokuyasu/TOK-TEC Architect’s Office
address:40-1,2 Kitaura Kamota-cho Okazaki-shi Aichi Japan
usage:dog salon
building area:39.69㎡
floor area:42.30㎡
photo:Takumi Ota