Dyrda Fikus

BWM Office . Lubliniec

Dyrda Fikus . BWM Office . Lubliniec  (1)

Dyrda Fikus Architekci . photos: © Bartlomiej Osinski . © Dyrda Fikus Architekci

The project of a small office is located in the formation of three conjoined steel halls. Their localization and architectural style are typical for the time of polish transformation. All three of them are parts of a much larger building complex, which is being constantly altered due to the development of local companies and rapidly changing market demands. The gentrification of the area continues. It is a characteristic process for small industrial areas functioning on the outskirts of Polish cities.


The structure of the hall is a classic, steel post-and-beam construction, covered with trapezoidal metal sheets. With every passing year, new structural elements are implemented, such as staircases, platforms, warehouses and storage rooms. Each new interference meets the evolving functional demands of the company’s owners, as the new challenges arise.

Combining a schematic hall construction with an unconventional interior design results in an interesting and unorthodox space. The project is intentionally utilizing the existing space and structural potential. The steel framework, in most cases indiscriminately hidden under the plaster covering (such was the inceptive idea), has been exposed and now underlines the industrial character of the company. It makes for a natural and authentic detail. The area, instead of being divided (initial intention of the owners) remains open and accessible. Following previously applied method of addition, the project is introducing another structural „layer” to the interior. Two newly introduced elements are being superimposed upon the existing structures – as a result the interior acquires a new functionality, serving as an office.

The project has a low-budget character. The existing industrial depot becomes warm and inviting, roof windows and white paint (for the walls and the construction) add more light to the interior. An intricate office furniture has been installed in such prearranged interior. The shape of the fittings is the result of the space-functionality relations and the differences in the levels of the floor in the room. Aside from its primary function the furniture also serves as a corner buffet and a dais for the appointments with the clients. The design allows to easily conceal the entirety of the technical installations.

A second addition to the structure is a room for business meetings. It has been positioned above the social room in an adjusting hall. One can get to it through the characteristic door, connecting both halls. The door is available from the furnished dais. As a place for both confidential negotiations, and informal encounters, the business meeting room is closeable. It has also been equipped with a folding bed, which allows for some rest and a moment of tranquillity between the work sessions.

The colour palette and a number of materials used for the project has been reduced to a minimum. It is limited to the whiteness of the hall construction and a natural, varnished spruce plywood (class III) – the main material for the devised elements. Grey industrial flooring and the steel staircase complete the entire picture. In the future the office space is meant to get „greener”. The interior will be supplemented with the potted plants.

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