WeGrow | NEW MICRO SCHOOL . New York City

BIG . WeGrow  NEW MICRO SCHOOL . New York City (1)

BIG . WeWork . + Fast Company

Following the recent opening of LEGO House for reinventing the future of play, BIG joins WeWork to design a new micro school for the future of learning. BIG’s design for WeGrow seeks to undo the compartmentalization often found in traditional school environments and reinforces the significance of engaging kids in an interactive environment. As such, the design starts from the premise of a school universe at the level of the child: a field of super-elliptic objects forms a learning landscape that’s dense and rational – yet free and fluid. Modular classrooms, tree houses, digital portals and a vertical farm promote an inclusive and collaborative teaching environment. Concurrently, acoustic clouds, natural materials and neutral colors create a calm setting for the child’s focused study. Playful and transparent, yet homelike and structured, WeGrow nurtures the child’s education through introspection, exploration and discovery.


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