Tato . Phorm

House in Hamilton . Brisbane

Tato . Phorm . House in Hamilton . Brisbane (1)

Tato Architects . Phorm Architecture and Design . photos: © Christopher Frederick Jones . + ArchitectureAU

Brisbane is a young city. It is a suburban place, dominated by its topography and reliant on our distinct timber vernacular houses to frame its identity – cultural touchstones. It is our contention that in terms of type, tectonic and relationship to terrain, ‘House in Hamilton’ belongs decidedly to the architectural genus ‘Queenslander’.


Whilst the exterior expounds a classic ‘tripartite’ layer cake construction; stumps, primary rooms (body) and pitched roof. The interiors demonstrate the sublime and complex geometric precision of the formal plan. These volumes are counterpointed with the celebration of discreet everyday living objects in a suspended composition. It is through the finer scaled objects and their engagement with the spatial framework and occupants which we hope brings a particular humanity to the space and home. It is hoped this particular piece of architecture for a very specific individual that might re-open a general discourse on the capacity and relevance of ‘Queenslander’ as a contemporary architectural type and model.

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