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Lantern Studio . Brockley

Surman Weston . Lantern Studio . Brockley (1)

Surman Weston . photos: © Wai Ming Ng . + Catálogodiseño


We were asked to design a space for studying, relaxing, entertaining and above all somewhere that would encourage more engagement with an exceptionally mature, wooded south London garden.

The primary garden facing elevation is the critical design element for the scheme. Here we played with transparency and structure to create a building with a subtly shifting appearance throughout the day and night. The structure is expressed playfully along the front elevation, partially screened with the translucent and sometimes glowing secondary facade, which adds both privacy and lures users down the garden.

Internally, the space is wrapped with spruce plywood maintaining a warm inviting environment even at the depths of the dampest and coldest times of year. The double pitched soffit is punctured by a roof-light framing views up to the mature trees above, while the large Douglas Fir sliding-door and windows look back out to the woodland garden. Two discreet doors lead through to a storage space and shower room – the latter of which features a dramatic frameless window opening on to a secluded corner of the garden, allowing the users to feel as though they’re truly immersed into nature and washing in the wilderness.

Location: Brockley, London
Architects: Surman Weston Ltd
Lead Contractors: Surman Weston Construction Ltd
Carpentry: Tom Kelly & Gino Saccone
Joinery: Tim Gaudin
Photography: Wai Ming Ng

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