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SOLO house . Matarraña


OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen . photos: © Bas Princen . + baunetz


SOLO OFFICE is a country house in a large untouched forest, two hours south of Barcelona. The house will be placed on the edge of a plateau, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Since the surrounding landscape is so impressive, we felt architecture should be invisible, merely emphasizing the natural qualities of the surroundings.

A simple circular roof with a diameter of 40 meters underlines the qualities of both the plateau and its edge. The roof functions as a shelter, and forms the perimeter of the inhabited surface. The roof is held by four straight rows of eight columns, which cut chords from the circular base shape. Only these four areas are inhabited, with variable levels of protection. Large stretches of curtain facade slide on the outer edge of the circle, allowing the living areas to fully open, and providing a maximum relationship between the dweller and the surrounding nature.
Since the terrain is not connected to any services, the house will be completely self-dependent, and therefore energy-neutral. Photovoltaic panels will provide thermic and electrical energy, which will be stocked in buffer tanks. Water is claimed on the site itself, and purified after use.


Summer house, Spain
as part of the solo houses building estate

Location: Matarraña, southwest of Barcelona, ES
Surface: 452 m²
Year: 2012

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