Lara Favaretto

Momentary Monument – The Stone . 2017

Lara Favaretto . Momentary Monument – The Stone . 2017 (1)

+ Skulptur Projekte

Favaretto’s monument is empty at the beginning of the exhibition and meaningless in the best sense of the word. Normally public monuments or memorials refer to a particular event or a historical person to keep their memory alive in current discourse. Donations are usually collected before monuments are erected to pay the commissioned artists. Favaretto, however, changes the normal process and reinterprets certain functions. In particular, the object’s temporary existence and its destruction, with the debris and remains being put to further use, are diametrically opposed to the concept of institutionalized monument conservation. Nevertheless, the symbolic meaning of the object isn’t derived from the form itself but rather emerges as a result of the site-specific interaction: on the promenade, Favaretto’s stone begins a dialogue with the Train Monument from the 1920s and the nearby immigration office. The roundabout in the middle (Ludgeriplatz) topographically connects the two contexts. The Train Monument honours the Train Battalion as well as two high-ranking German officers who died in battle, one in the former colony of German South West Africa and the other in the Boxer Rebellion in China. The donations collected inside the monument are also for a foundation that has been caring for refugees in a ‘shelter for those scheduled for deportation’ since 1996. The facility, located in a rural area near the town of Büren, is responsible for accommodating refugees from all over the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, thus corresponding to the fund-raising aim of Momentary Monuments in Marl. The charitable aspect of Favaretto’s work produces a strong sense of contemporary relevance, which, in a broader sense, critically reflects on the relationship between art and politics.
Nico Anklam


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